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Recommended by Moss Creek Goldendoodles!

Kennelmaster Foods - Chicken Chips

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$18.90 - $35.25

Highly recommended by Ollie and Harriet; Kennelmaster Foods Chicken Chips are made only from 100% USDA boneless white chicken breast. All visible fat is removed. Each breast is inspected and cleaned before being processed. We use no fillers, preservatives, additives or chemicals. Our chips have been USDA tested and approved.


Bitter Apple Spray - 16 oz

Bitter Apple products stop dogs and puppies from chewing on furniture or any fabric. You can spray it directly on their leash if they go to "help you" by carrying it in their mouth. You can spray it on your hand if your puppy is wanting to mouth you while they are teething. You can literally spray it on anything the puppy goes after that they shouldn't.

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