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DermaPet Malacetic Otic Skin & Ear Cleanser 16 oz

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A general ear cleansing frequent use (up to 2-3 times weekly) pH balanced product which is unique to others on the market in that it uses functional acids. Effective against Pseudomonas, the culprit in swimmers ear, as well as other bacterial and microbes. All natural, it does not contain ototoxic agents such as chlorhexidine or salicylic acid, alcohol, dyes, pain-killers or perfumes and is hypo-alergenic.

Helpful Hint:

Can be used on bug bites, scrapes and wounds. When cleaning your dog's ear, fully fill the ear canal with Malacetic Otic, (might want to do this outside) until the liquid runs out, let the dog shake it's head a few times, then either use a cotton ball or Kleenex around your ring finger and wipe their ear out, front to back, snout to tail.

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