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how the family came to be

It all started because of Ollie and Harriet, our adorable Moss Creek Goldendoodles. Ollie was 11.5 (crossed the rainbow bridge 11/1/17), and Harriet is 13.5 (crossed the rainbow bridge 12/27/20). After they came into our lives, it would never be the same.¬† Along the way, we discovered some excellent “finds” during our many shopping excursions for the Doodles, and that turned into my JOB – thank you Moss Creek! ūüôā

My husband Mitt and I live in sunny Orlando, Florida and have been married 22 years. The Doodles are our only “kids”.¬† We appreciate the fact that our Doodle community is growing in leaps and bounds, and are pleased to be able to offer these products, with our Doodles’ stamp of approval. If you have an item that’s been “Doodle Approved” please let me know about it, we’re always looking for new “must haves” and want to carry the things you need and use the most.

With God’s blessing,¬†we hope to offer you¬†one¬†place to shop for all of your Doodle’s needs.¬† We hope¬†that you enjoy your shopping experience with us and know that we would never give out your personal information to anyone, you are safe shopping with us!

For as many smiles as our Ollie and Harriet have brought us, we hope in turn we can do the same for you and your furry loved one.  Many thanks to all of our McDoodles and their Peoples for their love and support.

Love to All,



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